A Boring Story

When I was a kiddo, Radio and TV announcers amused me.
In the beginning, I used to mock them. I then imitated a few.
Later, I became one.
It just happened.  It was a time of
change. The late 70s. Yeah, the disco days. Some hate it. 
Just like some folks today don’t like reggaeton. I admit it,
I loved it. Not the reggaeton, the disco sound. I was young.
The good all days, when the seeds of the first DJs were
Yes, I too spun acetate records in the early 80s. 
Years later, I had a cosmic accident I auditioned for a Radio
position, and thanks to God I landed my embryonic life’s
dream, “Radio Jock.

One day while at work, one of the producers asked me to
voice a promo.
Something new materialized! Yep, another
accident. I began voicing for Radio. Little did I know I was
soon to set myself with prestige and recognition as one of
the greatest advertising voices
in town. Glory! (No bull.)

As technology advanced, l evolved into a “Multitasking Hot
Studio Jock.
” Meanwhile, another calamity! This was a
crazy one.
No fiction. I became an On-camera talent. Aha!
And for the third time, I wore a completely different hat.

Life was fun! Lol 😊

Meanwhile, I read promos as an anchor voiceover. Yep, they
squeeze the crap out of me.
I guess I paid the price. Young
and enthusiastic. 
What about Cable TV? Yes, I did that too.
Thus, all of that lives in the past now. Wow, what a ride!
You just read an episode that lasted 15 years.

Here in the U.S., I have voiced for cable channels like MGM
Latin America.
I have also worked with advertising agencies 
like Turnstiles Advertising, Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thompson,
McCann Erickson, Zubi Advertising, and lots of freelancers.

These are clients I branded for: American Airlines, Miami
Seaquarium, Gloria Estefan, Nissan, Toyota, Astra Zeneca,
Showtime, Hyundai, Sony,
Helene Curtis, Castrol GTX,
Havoline, Texaco, DirecTV, Palm Treo, Comcast, Smoothie
King, Teragrip, Boast, Cherry Autobrillante, and many more…

I‘m bored already. Enough with the history. What am I doing
I edit videos for Digital Media. I hold an Associate in
Science with a specialization in Radio & TV Broadcasting. 
I edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. I am a sound engineer/designer.
I can help you create and shoot/direct a TV, or Digital Media
in little time.
Let’s get to work! Don’t hesitate to shoot me