Carlo is attending Florida International University seeking a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a track in Digital Broadcasting.
Carlo is also attending Miami Dade College seeking a bachelor’s degree in film, television, and digital production.
Previously, Carlo worked as an A1 (Audio/Engineer) for Televisa/Univision.
Prior to that he had earned an associate degree from Miami Dade College with a path to Mass Communications/Journalism graduating with academic excellence, achieving the blue tassel and a GPA of 3.8.
Carlo had also acquired an associate degree in Radio/Television Broadcast Programming from the same institution.
Before that, he voiced as Anchor Voice Over to Metro Goldwyn Mayer Latin America. Meanwhile, branding for renowned names like Blackberry, Showtime, DirectTV, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Gloria Estefan, Castrol, Texaco, Comcast, Astra Zeneca, Sony, and many more for the Hispanic American markets and several Latin American countries.
Formerly, Carlo had a successful media career in Caracas, Venezuela. A fifteen-year tour that saw him working as a TV talent, hosting several shows. A position that earned him a minor celebrity status. In this journey, he voiced for the most relevant Radio Networks, such as FM Center and Circuito X, to mentioln a few.
Earlier, Carlo was awarded a Broadcasting certificate, “Certificado de Locutor” granted by the Department of Communications in Caracas, Venezuela.
During his early teens, he performed as a deejay mixing music live with acetates. That grant him the keys to the radio stations of the day.